for lv 25-1 easy cash making

for lv 1-5, go find cows a kill them. when u kill them only collect the cow hide cow hide is worth a lot and makes fast money.

for lv 5-10, you should go dungenerywith a bunch of friends to lv up.

for lv 10-15, you should go to the south wizard tower and kill the wizards.

for lv 15-20,you should kill cows then take the cow hide to a leather man and get him to make you soft lether it doubles up the price.

for lv 20-25 you should go down to varrack and find a hut and battle hill giants.

this is god tips for lv up you character and making fast money butfor a tip i recamend you use magic it is the most effective way of fighting for all lv but if you choose to use combat make sure you attack, deffence, and strangth are the same lv it will help you take down higher lv monster, and two more tips is save your money and only spend 20'/, of all your money so if you had 1k you only spend 200 coins. this may sound redickuless but trust me it works and the other tip is two at least carry arround 2 lobster at all times when you are going to fight monsters and make sure you but all iteams that you wish too ceep in your bank but keep your armour on.